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Welcome to HERO!
Always Wanted To Be a HERO?

We accept players of all shapes and sizes from any server (but please include your server in your application for WvW purposes). We require 100% representation all of the time and ask that you have TeamSpeak3 installed for participation in group events (link).

Apply to the website by clicking the "Apply" button in the top right corner. To request an in-game guild invite, message your information to
DragonMagicks or find a [HERO] in-game.

We are a PvX guild with a maxed out Guild Hall. This means benefits for you including potions, exclusive merchants, arena, scribing station (bank) etc.
We do numerous PvE events weekly as well as WvW events( We are based on server Ring of Fire) and a bit of PvP here and there. We also have our very own Custom PvP Room.

Be you new or old: A seasoned combatant or a rising star or just want a fun guild to call home and hang out in: HERO welcomes you!
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